Love Your Lender Reason Two: They know their stuff.

Remember watching cartoons as a kid? Seeing that reoccurring bit where two buddies are stranded on an island, and they’re getting hungry. Suddenly one of the friends starts visualizing the other as a big juicy turkey leg. Well, it is just like that. So, the next time you see your caller ID is from an Account Executive picture them as that big juicy dollar sign because that is exactly what they can turn into for you.

Good salespeople are up to date on the trends of the industry that can help you evolve your business. And the competitive intel they possess! They’re talking to your local competitors and like-minded originators around the country. What better way to find out what’s making people successful? Think of Account Executives as the mortgage version of The DailySkimm or headline news.

A five-minute conversation generates creative solutions, referrals sources, new technology widgets. The opportunities are endless when you stop assuming you know what they want and what they are selling. The best AE’s know they must provide value, and not just ask you for business; If you need a few good ones, private message me. I know some amazing industry experts across different sectors of the industry that can help you propel your business.


Kris-Ann Carduff, Wholesale – VP of Business Development at Deephaven, stumbled into the life of mortgage banking and was hooked. With 20 years of experience, half in sales, and a half in marketing, Kris-Ann started off wearing many hats in a 10-person broker shop. She progressed to VP and Director roles with the most successful wholesalers of the time, InterFirst/ABN AMRO and TB&W. Kris-Ann enjoyed nine successful years as an AE with Quicken Loans before joining Deephaven in September 2019. She’s a die-hard KU Jayhawk basketball fan and journalism grad and lives in a flyover state with her husband, son, and three dogs. To talk about a partnership with Deephaven, please contact Kris-Ann Carduff: or visit

About Deephaven Mortgage:
Deephaven is a full service, multi-channel, long-term investor in the Non-QM space. The company was founded in 2012 to help rebuild the non-government mortgage market and provide access to private capital financing to millions of underserved clients throughout the US. Deephaven has purchased over $5 billion of Non-QM loans and has completed eight securitizations totaling over $2.5 billion of sold bonds backed by Non-QM home loans. In 2019 Deephaven was acquired by Pretium, an alternative asset manager with $13 billion in assets under management that specializes in single-family rentals, residential credit, and corporate and structured credit. For more information, please visit