Deephaven Mortgage serves the underserved in the mortgage market, through out-of-the-box thinking to get Non-QM borrowers qualified.

Aaron Drago, chief operating officer, and Tom Davis, chief sales officer, were featured in an exclusive article with MPA “Serving the underserved mortgage market”. The article dives into exactly how Deephaven goes about educating originators on Non-QM to increase their volume and referral base. As a pioneer in Non-QM, Deephaven has years of experience working with clients and the compliments pour in. Read more about how Deephaven serves the underserved who don’t always check the boxes to qualify for a traditional loan.


IF EVER Tom Davis or Aaron Drago need a boost at work, they look at the Company Compliments inbox. There’s plenty to look at. “I would say we get these [compliments] on a daily basis, actually,” said Davis, Deephaven Mortgage’s chief sales officer, joined by Drago, Deephaven’s chief operating officer. The entire company can view the inbox to see the “positive feedback from our clients,” Davis said. The Company Compliments inbox helps keep the company centered on their core job: “We’re serving the underserved borrowers who don’t always check the boxes necessary to qualify for a traditional government-backed mortgage. Originators need these non-QM products to compete in this important market.”

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