Enhancing the wholesale broker experience: Key challenges and solutions – HousingWire

Deephaven’s Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Drago, was recently featured in HousingWire discussing how to improve the experience for brokers in the wholesale lending space. The Non-QM wholesale space is integral for brokers to grow their business, protect their referral base, and deliver more loan options to their clients. Deephaven is committed to making the process of doing so efficient and successful. Aaron explains exactly how Deephaven is improving the wholesale broker experience in this HousingWire feature article:


HousingWire recently spoke with Aaron Drago, chief operating officer of Deephaven Mortgage, about the wholesale broker experience and how it can be improved.

HousingWire: What are the current challenges wholesale brokers face?

Aaron Drago: In today’s market, wholesale brokers face several challenges. Not only are they navigating a market that continues to bring changes and fluctuations, but they are also challenged with the need to interact with multiple different companies and platforms. This means keeping up with various guidelines, processing, underwriting and closing processes outside of their company. Additionally, they deal with varied systems, timelines and documents, which can make the process cumbersome and time-consuming.

Deephaven Mortgage understands each challenge and is focused on streamlining the process to provide brokers with a more seamless and efficient experience. We continue to invest in technology and processes that make it easier for brokers to work with us as a direct goal to reduce the administrative burden on their end. We also provide dedicated support and resources to ensure that brokers have access to the information and guidance they need to succeed.

An example of this support is our scenario desk. Originators can send us a loan scenario with questions or requests for help. We will walk them through that challenge, assist with calculating income derived from bank statement submissions, review credit, explain guidelines or assist in any way to ensure a positive experience.

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