The U.S. workforce is changing with a record number of entrepreneurs in the market today. Are you changing with it? Many of these self-employed individuals will miss traditional loan requirements when trying to purchase or refinance a home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are around 16 million self-employed in the U.S. today. That represents a lot of potential borrowers who might require a Non-QM Bank Statement loan!

Join our webinar and find out how you can reach these self-employed borrowers and promote yourself as a full-service originator offering Bank Statement loans.

You will learn:
• The opportunity that exists with self-employed borrowers and the gig economy.
• Alternative income types that Non-QM loans allow specifically for self-employed borrowers.
• How to source Non-QM borrowers and grow your referral base.
• Why offering Non-QM solutions such as Bank Statement loans can help you reach a more diverse set of borrowers for your business to thrive despite evolving market conditions.

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