☐ FNMA 3.2 File

☐ Broker Signed 1003 + DI Addendum (to be uploaded separately)
— Dated date of submission
— Must also be signed by Borrower ahead of final approval

☐ DH Submission Form/Fee Sheet (electronic version available during submission)
— See Mercury for AMC selection & fee

 Purchase Agreement *if purchase*
— Earnest Money Deposit

☐ Broker/Borrower Comp Agreement *if borrower-paid comp*

☐ Verification of primary residence superior in value or appeal to subject property (Zillow print out, ect.)

Copies of mortgage statements for every real estate owned property
    (if NOT escrowed, copies of tax certs and HOI declaration page)

☐ Verification of 12-month housing history for a primary residence

 Asset Statements *if needed*
— May use personal statements for both income and assets
— Upload if needed for down payment/reserves

☐ Credit Report Invoice *if reissuing recently pulled credit report*
— If credit is not reissued – Deephaven WILL pull new credit automatically

 If 3rd Party Processor – Provide Invoice
— Must be assigned processor ahead of submission