We prefer the term pro-borrower.

Deephaven is here for the millions of Americans from all walks of life who don’t fit the narrow criteria required to get a traditional mortgage.

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Sara's "yes" story

Occupation:  Freelance Designer
Loan Amount: $168,000
LTV: 90%
Down Payment: 10%

* After years of renting, Sara finally felt ready to buy her first home. Using a combination of her 1099s and personal bank statements, Deephaven was able to qualify Sara for a Non-QM loan, no tax returns necessary. Her parents also helped out with a gift to meet the reserve requirements.

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James' "yes" story

Occupation: Owns HVAC Company
Loan Amount: $285,000
LTV: 85%
Down Payment: 15%
Mortgage Insurance: Not required

* James has long dreamed of owning a second home.  But even though he is a successful business owner and longtime primary homeowner, he couldn’t get a traditional loan.  Using Deephaven’s personal bank statement program, we were able to quickly qualify James using 100% of business deposits in his personal checking account.

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Jennifer's "yes" story

Occupation: Restaurant Owner
Loan Amount: $373,000
LTV: 80%
Down Payment: 20%

* Jennifer co-owns a local restaurant.  She needed to pull equity out of her home for a new investment.  She provided 24 months of the resturant’s business bank statements to support a Profit & Loss statement that was prepared by her CPA. By multiplying the net income from the P&L by her percentage of ownership, and then dividing the total by 24 months, we were able to determine Jennifer’s monthly income and qualify her for the loan.  No business or tax returns needed.

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Qualified Mortgage (QM) vs. Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM).  What’s the difference?

Non-QM Loan Requirements

Every year, millions of borrowers who can’t get a traditional mortgage turn to a non-qualified mortgage (Non-QM) provider to purchase or refinance a home.   Yes, borrowers must still qualify for a Non-QM loan, but the criteria for applying for and obtaining these...